Decision Pace | Deliver platform solutions through faster insight
Decision Pace is the tool that simply transforms your raw, structured data sources into highly evolved, intuitive and actionable visualizations.
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For executives, decision-makers and knowledge workers, Decision Pace helps you make truly informed decisions – where, when and how you need it.

For software developers, Decision Pace helps you create new integrated data visualization solutions, focus on core competencies and create new revenue sources.

For systems integrators, value-added resellers and consultants, Decision Pace helps you differentiate from the competition and offer more to your customers – quicker and with more profit.

Decision Pace is the tool that simply transforms your raw, structured data sources into highly evolved, intuitive and actionable visualizations.

 The right information, at the right time, to help make the right decision.

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  • Cloud or lightweight on-premise footprint (hardware and software)
  • Leverages HTML5 responsive design viewable in any modern browser
  • Open and non-proprietary for easy connection to anything, anywhere
  • Each Decision Pace data visualization is an encapsulated application with its own optimized code set with a unique, encrypted URL-based API

Type: Google Bubble Chart with Decision Pace Hover
Title: Annualized Realization Comparison
Nuance: Bubble conveys 5 types of information with additional content in Hover

  • Connects to any open structured data source or available web service
  • Embed URLs into any web page, dashboard, email, intranet, extranet, portal, SharePoint, data service API or device
  • Package URLs into add-on modules for developers
  • Look at your data any way you want – all on the fly
  • Leverage Decision Pace as a data service to feed other technologies
  • Any template style, any look – using leading templates from Google Charts, D3 or any other JavaScript library

Type: Google Time Series Combo Chart
Title: 2 Year Cash Flow Trend
Nuance: Multiple KPIs compared over time

  • No need to pre-load data
  • Mobile – and useful wherever you need it
  • Filter down to only what’s needed
  • Build rapidly, on-demand advanced visualizations from scratch in about an hour, or enhancements in minutes

Type: Google Diff Pie Chart
Title: Year over Year Top Client Revenue Comparison
Nuance: Unique visual relative change representation

  • Securely built from the ground up – leveraging SSL encryption and role-based, directory-aware authentication
  • All the benefits of a cloud solution – but with your data securely stored within your network

Type: D3 Bullet Chart
Title: Comparative MTD Sales Rep Revenue Performance
Nuance: Real-time federation of current, prior year and quota data

  • Better, visually-actionable information
  • Better business decisions
  • Cost and time savings
  • Reduced internal and external FTE costs
  • Sharply reduces licensing fees and cost per user
  • Lower infrastructure and add-on software costs for charting tools, dashboard creation, device integration and client extranet access

Type: Google Geo Chart
Title: YTD Revenue by state
Nuance: Can render content geospatially with multiple map types

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We believe that the new normal in large enterprises is to do more with less. We knew there had to be a better way.

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Find out how Decision Pace produced solutions can enrich your current business data to produce faster insights, smarter decision and better outcomes at every level of business. Let us simply help you do more, now. Contact us today for a demo or for more information.