Decision Pace | Turning data into effective visualizations
Decision Pace is turning data into effective visualizations to power today’s knowledge worker.


A Completely Different Approach.

We believe that the new normal in large enterprises is to do more with less; to invest capital in technology rather than labor and to leverage that technology to enable labor productivity increases that yield profitability growth – even in times of slower top-line growth.

We believe that the majority of workers in these large enterprises are now “knowledge workers”. These knowledge workers need to be fueled with the rights tools (right information, at the right time, in the right form, with the right context, on the right device, with right timeliness, with right intuitiveness, with right flexibility, and with right drill-ins and links) to enable them to make smarter decisions and to maximize the return on capital invested in the technology while advancing both their personal and corporate objectives.

We believe that knowledge workers are impatient. They want to control their own destiny. They want support from IT but don’t want to be totally reliant on IT to get things done. Most knowledge workers do not want to do their own data discovery and design their own reports. They want it done for them and they want to consume it. If they need to ask the next question, the link should already be there, or they should be able to ask for it and have it built quickly by a dedicated analyst, or they should be able to export the data via a data service to some other tool for further analysis.

We believe that virtually all of the data that most knowledge workers need to extract value from comes from within the enterprise – including data collected / shared / exchanged between enterprise supply chain partners.

We didn’t understand why turning data into effective visualizations to power today’s knowledge worker had to be so expensive and time consuming. We saw how BI deliverables common in the marketplace were geared toward overly-detailed, traditional reporting formats fit for back office finance consumption – not something that is easily digested and usable for top execs, decision makers, sales, marketing and clients.

We knew there had to be a better way.

We needed to remove the challenging, time-consuming and expensive aspects or traditional BI projects and replace them with a modern set of tools that would allow for BI to become a ubiquitous resource. We needed to remove the barriers knowledge workers face, sifting through to the relevant heart of the content they need to act.

The result is Decision Pace – and we created it to enable businesses to quickly and affordably generate intelligent, highly-enriched data visualizations on the fly without proprietary software, complex data warehouses or programming.

Today, it’s a virtual tool that acts to fill your business information gaps, complement and extend your existing BI investments, and enable your knowledge workers to make smarter decisions that will achieve better business outcomes. And it’s being used today by businesses, partners and developers across industries and global geographies to transform their ways of working.

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