Decision Pace | DP’s Realtime Analytics Dev & Delivery Platform for HPE Vertica


DP’s Realtime Analytics Dev & Delivery Platform for HPE Vertica

23 Mar 2017, by Robin Bronstein in News

Decision Pace is a certified partner in HPE’s Big Data Alliance partner program ( due to our unique integration with Vertica, HPE’s big data database platform.  Decision Pace transforms Vertica into a powerful data visualization application development + delivery solution without costly BI and ETL. It integrates a virtual data warehouse layer with open source charting to produce optimized analytic app code (chart+SQL) processed 100% on Vertica.   DP for Vertica can downloaded for a free trial from Decision Pace’s product listing in HPE Big Data Marketplace (

About DP for Vertica – Decision Pace (DP) is a virtual data analytics development and delivery platform in the cloud that software developers leverage on demand to build sophisticated, composable, analytic apps (interactive charts) faster and more flexibly than alternatives. It is ideal for software companies, especially those building SaaS applications, and businesses with discrete time-sensitive requirements (dashboards, mobilization, portals). Unlike most BI with ETL, static data silos and restrictive proprietary software, DP comprises a real-time virtual semantic layer, open source charting and an optimized analytic app server. DP collects meta data on Vertica schemas, desired data transformations (aggregations, calculations, filters) and visualizations.  Analytic apps are standalone URL-addressable web service programs containing both visualization and optimized SQL code generated by DP and saved to a partitioned server. Analytic app URLs are composed in enterprise applications, SaaS offerings, Internet sites and internal sites such as dashboards. When invoked, an analytic app URL retrieves its code from the server and executes a real-time targeted query directly on Vertica for optimal performance. This contrasts with alternatives that layer their own database technologies on top of Vertica, which moves query processing off of Vertica resulting in suboptimal performance. Try DP today for free to quickly transform your existing Vertica data virtually into unique high value analytic apps @