Decision Pace | Decision Pace Announces Developer and Distribution Agreement with Legal Industry Consultant, Don Gibson


Decision Pace Announces Developer and Distribution Agreement with Legal Industry Consultant, Don Gibson

30 Apr 2016, by Robin Bronstein in News


Decision Pace Announces Developer and Distribution Agreement with Legal Industry Consultant, Don Gibson

Buffalo, NY April 30, 2016

Decision Pace Analytics, business intelligence provider founded by Jay Moeller and Alan Lash, BI pioneers for the legal industry, announces a developer/reseller agreement with Don Gibson. “We are excited about partnering with GibsonMatters to develop and market best practice data analytic deliverables and applications for the legal industry. Don is a legal industry business intelligence expert with significant experience”, according to Decision Pace CEO Jay Moeller.

Don Gibson, a consultant in the legal industry for more than 20 years, with a focus on operational process improvement and reporting says “I am excited about Decision Pace and know that there is finally a solution out there that solves many of the existing law firm reporting issues.”

Decision Pace is an improvement over the traditional business intelligence. The platform radically simplifies how data is retrieved and made available for reporting. Traditional business intelligence relies on complicated and difficult to support ETL to “extract” data from a source database, and then “transform” the data using business logic embedded deep within SQL code, and finally “load” the data in a warehouse or data mart.

Decision Pace fundamentally simplifies the transformation piece of the equation by only requiring very simple SQL code that a business analysts can write. Using the simple SQL, Decision Pace’s Builder component creates the targeted and optimized SQL code to retrieve data. The business logic is added in a self-documenting, visible manner that is easy for business users to understand.

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Decision Pace’s data retrieval approach is so efficient, there is no need to build custom warehouses or data marts that bloat databases and require managing complicated update routines. Decision Pace instead creates a virtual data warehouse containing ready-to-use reporting elements. This approach shifts report design and development from technical, data guru resources to business analysts and business managers, who can focus on producing insightful content without getting the technical hurdles associated with ETL-based business intelligence.

“I have worked with many firms over the years, who were trying to improve their reporting function,” says Don Gibson. “Until Decision Pace, the solutions available either lacked functionality or were so complicated that only 3rd party developers, consultants or internal technical gurus could create content. As a consequence, there are a lot of rigid, static reporting systems out there because of costs and complications involved with changing and adding new content. I have already created an add-on for 3E that provides hundreds of pre-built timekeeper production metrics. This add-on will allow 3E firms to get Decision Pace up and running in a matter of days instead of weeks or months that it takes with other industry solutions. I will create add-ons for Aderant, Elite Enterprise, and ProLaw next.”


Don Gibson is a long-term consultant in the legal industry working with prominent consulting firms including Baker Robbins & Company, HBR Consulting, and Source Consulting Group. For more information and to discuss a demonstration, go to

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