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Decision Pace Partner Program

Decision Pace works closely with our partners to ensure their success, just as they play an integral role in our development and growth. Decision Pace’s business partners represent a diverse range of solutions, services and geographies. Together we help people glean faster insights, make smarter decisions and achieve better business outcomes from their data.

With the Decision Pace Partner Program, your company benefits from a modern, highly-differentiated BI and analytics development platform. It is a collaborative program designed to support your business growth through recurring revenue streams, the generation of new opportunities, increased profitability and more. Together, we help you develop your own intellectual property and marketable content, and close deals more quickly. Our Partner Program includes Alliance, OEM, and Reseller partnerships.

Decision Pace Alliance Partners recommend Decision Pace Software to their clients and enjoy the rewards.

OEM partners embed Decision Pace directly into their applications, making analytics simple easy for their customers.

The Decision Pace Reseller Partner Program is designed to support your business growth.

Access the Partner Resource Center

Access the Partner Resource Center for the latest updates from the Partner Program team, as well as a wide range of sales resources, marketing materials and training sessions.


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